How to Extract Pages from a Document

AltoPDF team

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Have you ever wanted to work with only a few select parts of a document - discarding the pages you don’t need, and collecting the remaining useful pages you do need into one PDF?

Now you can easily do this with our online solution.

This web-based platform is very easy to use and you also don’t need to install any applications on your device. No matter what device or browser you have, this solution allows you to extract any part of a template and create a new sample from it.

The security measures protect the templates you upload by deleting them after you refresh the website. This prevents the loss of personal information by anonymous parties.

This process can be done in four simple steps:

1. Open the Website

You can easily open the website by inserting the address into your web address bar or type "alto convert PDF" into the search engine. There is no need to provide your personal information or e-mail since all operations on the website are done without the need for any additional registration. The service has an easy, self-explanatory interface, and anyone can easily extract one or several parts from his or her document.

First, you will see the following menu:

2. Upload the PDF to our Service

Select the necessary file from the internal storage of your device. You can also drag and drop your sample to the upload box, and it will be automatically imported to the website. Afterwards, you can easily extract the needed information from it. Those who use to the cloud for storing their files can import them from there.

The upload page will look like the following:

3. Extract the Information from the Document

Your sample will be uploaded, and you will need to select the pages that you want to separate. It can be done by selecting the needed preview images, or by typing the page numbers (separating them with a comma). After that, just click on the “Extract Now” button, and the system will create a new document.

4. Download the Final Document

After the process finishes, you should download the file. To protect the information included in your file, the system automatically removes it from the website.

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