AltoExtractPDF: About Us

AltoExtractPDF is an online platform that enables users to extract pages from documents in PDF format. The app is especially useful for those who work with large PDF document on a regular basis.
Based in Boston, MA, our small but dedicated team helps thousands users worldwide to manipulate PDF documents and edit the document content in the most efficient way possible. AltoExtractPDF makes it possible to extract any number of pages from any PDF without within seconds.
We believe that environmental-oriented paperless solutions are the future. We also try to produce affordable software so that any user can enjoy its features and functions absolutely for free. Once you’ve opened the app, you’re free to upload and process as many PDFs as you want.
AltoExtractPDF was designed to deliver a simple, time-saving solution which could be used by anybody regardless of a person’s computer skills and experience. The app is one hundred percent compatible with all desktop or mobile devices. Use AltoExtractPDF to extract pages from a PDF and continue editing your document online using our web-based editor. This works for every document stored on your hard drive or in the cloud. Synchronize your cloud storage service account with the app and effortlessly import documents stored on Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.
We love working hard so that our customers have a permanent access to all the newest instruments and features. Grateful customers are our biggest reward. Don’t forget to leave feedback. Not just it helps us improve our business but also brings meaning to what we do!